Timber Stormproof Side Swing & Top Hung windows

top hung and swide swing windows from ajd chapelhow

Our Timber Stormproof Side Swing & Top Hung windows are outward opening windows. Due to the unique design and continuous gaskets they are good at keeping out the British weather.

Stormprooof Side Swing Windows

Side Swing windows can be used as a fire escape window, however the minimum size required for this is 782mm (w) x 964mm (H) and there must be a clear opening of 0.33 square metres.

Stormprooof Top Hung Windows

Top hung windows are manufactured almost identically to the side swing, with the exception being, that the sash is hung from the top of the window. This window cannot be used as a fire escape window.


As standard the sideswing window is fitted with Grorud G2449 friction hinges, which due to the way the hinge operates, allows the outside of the glass to be cleaned from the inside.

The top hung window is usually hinged on Grorud G9100 friction hinges. Both windows are fitted with espagnolette locking enabling them to have up to three locking points. A Titon handle is used to operate the espognolettes and open the window.