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Embracing Green Technologies

AJ&D Chapelhow embracing green technologies

With an ongoing commitment to utilising green technologies and reducing their carbon footprint, AJ&D Chapelhow have announced the installation of an extensive solar solution from UK Farming Renewables.

The  installation of over 160 solar panels stores the power produced from the panels in batteries located on site.  This power is then released as needed and has resulted in a significant reduction in the company’s diesel usage.

General Manager, Helen Chapelhow Law said: “This is a major step forward in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and maximise the use of sustainable energy and materials during our manufacturing process."

May 2023



A rear extension and loft conversion to a small Victorian terrace house in South London. The house, including the new master bedroom and en-suite on loft level and the renovated 1st floor is defined by bold colours and patterns reflecting the playfulness of both design team and clients.

Pink windows created in redwood timber using RAL 314 by AJ&D Chapelhow provide a flash of colour against the cork and the warm hues are carried internally to the kitchen splashback and first floor family bathroom.

Completed in winter 2018 Cork House is shortlisted for the AJ Small Projects Award 2019 &  features in Elle Decoration uk Feb 2020.
More on The Cork House here

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high quality wooden windows and doors from ajd chapelhow in cumbria life feb 2020


The new showroom at AJ&D Chapelhow has been over 10 months in the making but well worth the wait. Showcasing a range of our high quality wooden windows and doors in a home environment the showroom has already impressed a number of architects and visitors to the site. Open 5 days a week, interested parties are more than  welcome to visit to discuss  requirements with one of AJ&D Chapelhow's highly qualified staff. Just call the office on 01931 585 101 or 01931 714 289 to arrange.

"There is nothing better than being able to show our customers the quality and attention to detail that goes into the doors and windows we create here in Cliburn and we find the showroom is a really effective way to do that" - Helen Law


quality wooden windows and doors created for Coo Palace by AJD Chapelhow in listed Heritage magazine

Eden Business Man returns from retirement to save his firm

A BUSINESSMAN who returned from retirement to save his former firm when it was about to go into liquidation has been reflecting on a successful first year.

Alan James Chapelhow, established A. J. & D. Chapelhow Ltd., a general joinerery business, in 1961.

In 2015, with more than 54 successful years behind him and a workforce of more than 23 highly skilled staff, Alan felt the time was right to sell the business and retire at 76. However, it soon became clear that all was not well, and the promises made to the workforce and to Alan himself by the new owner were not all they seemed.

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Why the oldest window frame material is the modern choice

Architects appreciate the look and feel of high quality materials, but are naturally attracted to innovative ideas, especially when they bring the promised of enhanced performance. So it’s interesting to see timber – the oldest of materials for window frames – enjoying something of a renaissance over the last few years. It’s not something that’s happened by chance, but the result of a determined effort by the industry to shake off earlier performance issues, while at the same time reinforcing its sustainability credentials

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