Trickle Vents

Trickle vents - Approved Document F

Building regulation changes from 15th June 2022

New building regulations which came into effect from 15th June 2022 have implications for any windows installed after this date.  The new regulations will require most replacement windows and doors to be fitted with ‘Trickle Vents’ dependant on the room type, volume of windows / doors fitted and if sufficient proof can be provided that the installation does not make the ventilation situation any worse.

The specific focus of the building regulation -Approved Document F - is to ensure adequate natural ventilation and improve air quality in the home.

All new and replacement windows need to meet these regulations or will fail the FENSA inspection, and will therefore not be eligible for a FENSA certificate.

What are Trickle Vents?

Trickle Vents are usually positioned at the top of a window or door. Their purpose is to allow fresh air to enter into a room and allow polluted air out They are designed to improve the air quality in a room.

The trickle vents we supply are controllable vents that can be opened and closed.

When are Trickle Vents required?

  • Trickle Vents are compulsory if your existing windows and doors have them.
    The new Trickle Vents cannot be smaller than the vents in the original window, and they must be controllable either automatically or by the occupant. So, if you are replacing a window that has a Trickle Vent – the new window must also include them.

  • Building Regulations state that they are required for all new properties and are mandatory for any windows and doors being installed in a new build extension.

More information on the regulations can be found on the government website.