Our Commitment To The Environment

We use only sustainable timber  when manufacturing our timber doors and windows.
Growing trees are essential to absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen but as they  become older they become less able to absorb carbon dioxide.
It is therefore essential that we harvest the trees and replace them with younger ones. Under the rules of certified forest management, for every tree cut down, two new ones are planted.

The Finest Quality Sustainable Timber

We only use timber from sustainable forests to manufacture our products.  European and Russian redwood, carefully selected by ourselves to ensure we reach the highest standard of quality and in accordance with BS1186 Part 1 1986, is mainly used to produce our products.
Where specified our windows and doors can also be manufactured using the finest hardwood with choices varying from Sapele  to Oak.


We laminate a lot of our timber before it reaches our machinery. Lamination allows us to choose the most suitable parts of the timber, reduces movement of the wood and gives it extra rigidity.
By laminating the timber more finely we can achieve more complex shapes and designs such as gothic arches and circular windows.