Tilt and Turn

Tilt & Turn Windows from AJ&D Chapelhow

tilt and turn windows from AJD chapelhow

Dual Action Tilt & Turn Windows

Our Tilt and Turn Window is a dual action, inward opening casement timber window, where one handle used in two positions operates the window. Firstly, turning the handle 90 degrees allows the window to tilt inwards providing day-to-day ventilation to your room.

Turning the window a further 90 degrees opens the window and allows for easy cleaning of the outside glass from the inside. When the window is open in this position it also acts as an emergency escape route, as long as the size complies with fire regulations.

Child Safety

This window can also be provided with an optional child safety device making it one of the safest windows on offer.


Made from the finest quality timber. We can supply these windows in either softwood or hardwood depending on your specifications.