Technical Specifications – AJ&D Chapelhow



Unless otherwise requested, all goods are manufactured in double vacuum pressure impregnated Redwood to our standard profile and specification (details available on request) all supplied, fully assembled, pre-glazed and pre-finished single colour throughout. All finishes to timber need inspecting every 12 months and re-coated to manufacturer’s recommendations as required, this is a natural product, grain and variants may be present on finished goods.

  1. Glass & Glazing
    Factory fitted sealed double-glazed units to comply with part L of building regulations and installed all in accordance with GGF code of conduct/good practise. Dry glazed using EPDM gasket in and out standard colour black, white available on request. The glazing units are fixed in place with polyurethane adhesive, as is the aluminium beading. The Seller has not allowed for any thermal safety calculations. Unless otherwise requested the Seller’s glazing units are:

4mm Float Glass 20mm cavity swiss spacer bar black Argon gas 4mm Float K Glass S (1.2 centre pane u-value).

4mm Toughened Glass 20mm cavity swiss spacer bar black Argon gas 4mm Toughened K Glass S - To comply with current building regulations.(1.2 centre pane u-value).

Obscure glass is 4mm Cotswold pattern to the inner leaf, other patterns are available on request.

6.4mm Laminated Glass 16mm cavity swiss spacer bar black Argon gas 6.4mm Laminated K Glass S - To comply with current building regulations (1.2 centre pane u-value) = 28.8mm.

Insulated Panels 9mm WPB plywood grooved vertically (external/internal) with insulation to the core 6mm WPB plywood (internally) bonded together to form panel with timber to the perimeter (thickness 34mm) These panels are fixed in place using aluminium glazing beads.

  1. Timber & Treatment
    Unless otherwise requested, all timber is European unsorted redwood which is double vacuum pressure impregnated after machining using Protim 265. The Seller reserves the right to supply goods manufactured from solid or engineered timber at the time of manufacture.
  2. Aluminium
    Aluminium glazing beads and standard sub cills are included in the price (non-marine quality powder coated standard Ral colour). The Seller insists marine quality powder coating is used on all goods located 3 miles/5 kilometres from coastal areas. Cut ends are not powder coated.
  3. Aluminium Cladding
    Aluminium cladding to the external face of the windows is included (non-marine quality powder coated standard Ral colour). The Seller insists marine quality powder coating is used on all goods located 3 miles/5 kilometres from coastal areas. Cut ends are not powder coated.
  4. Factory Finishing
    All timber surfaces receive two or three coats of paint spray. This is a water based “breather type” finishing paint which should require no further treatment on site, other than touch up. General maintenance, inspection and recoating will still be necessary as required. Due to heat absorption and the effect this has on timber, the Seller may not supply any warranty on the paint or stain or any associated defects when black or near-black paint or stain has been used, against the Sellers advise. For advise and guidance speak to one of our Customer Services Team.


Please Note: Colour variations can occur between painted timber and powder coated aluminium. These are normally within manufacturers accepted tolerances. All finishes to Oak, Sapele & all other hardwoods need inspecting every 12 months & recoated to manufacturers recommended specifications as required.

  1. Stain Finishes
    Please be aware, finish colour of any wood stain depends on many factors. Variations in finished colour may occur due to the variant characteristics of the timber chosen. As a result the Seller cannot guarantee consistency in the finished colour of goods supplied stained or translucent coated. Stain finished goods will require regular inspection & recoating to maintain the seal of the timber as UV breaks down translucent finishes.
  2. Windows
    Windows come complete with frame and aluminium extension cills subject to specifications. Detailed specifications relating to specific window types are detailed below.

Aluminium cills are supplied loose for fitting.

Sideswing sashes are hinged with Grorud G2449 natural hinges. Maco Espangnolette locking and SAA Hoppe handle.

Top hung hopper sashes are hinges on Euromond or Grorud 9100 according to size. Top hung sashes have Maco Espangnolettes and SAA hoppe Handles with an IPA restrictor to give 100mm opening if required.

Sliding sash windows are run on Caunter Balances which have been chosen due to their low maintenance and high working life expectancy, window furniture comprises of locking fitch fasteners and lift catches usually in brass. All beads are fitted in such a way that if moisture does get behind it can escape easily. Internal bead (staff bead) are supplied with screws and screw caps for ease of removal, as standard.

Fully reversible sashes use Grorud hinges & IPA Espangnolettes.

Tilt & Turn windows have a multi-point locking system operated by a single handle. They are right hand hinged as standard when opened in the sideswing position. (left hand hinged are available upon request). They are fully draught stripped and have Grorud ventilators fitted to the head of the frame. These are the Seller’s own 92mm windows as standard casements.

  1. Trickle Ventilation
    All opening sashes are fitted with Grorud ventilator in and out - standard colour (the ventilator can be fitted in the frame of the window on written request received at the time of an order). Each ventilator gives an air opening between and according to size. Current building regulations require to habitable rooms. Schlegel Aquamac draught stripping is fitted to all opening sashes.
  2. Large Window / Screens
    The Seller can (if previously discussed and mutually agreed) supply large windows and screens in sections for on-site coupling in the event that size or restricted access is an issue. The Seller has not allowed for any structural calculations to either the windows, or the openings into which they are fixed. The windows and screens are supplied in accordance with the information provided by the Purchaser. Note; where the goods have been supplied fully assembled and glazed please ensure there is sufficient man-power and/or equipment to unload the goods as per our Terms and Conditions. Please also ensure that the handling of the goods complies with current Health & Safety Regulations.
  3. Doors
    Doorsets come complete with frame and door leaf, they are hinged on 3D hinges (four per leaf for doors over 1000mm sized door) they have an Era Saracen 3 point locking system with a double Euro-cylinder key operated in and out. The Seller’s standard handle is Mila Prosecure range and is available in a range of colours.

Double doors have Ventas 3 point locking and a slave lock with shoot bolts to the fixed door leaf operated on a handle as main leaf. The doors are outward or inward opening with hardwood cill, aluminium tread and Schlegel Aquamac draught stripping. Please note all doors are viewed from outside. Please be advised that all outward opening doors should have some type of concealed or fixed face restrictor fitted to avoid the doors being damaged during and after fitting.

  1. Sliding Folding Door
    Our sliding folding doors come complete with frame & door leaves. We offer 3,4,5,6 & 7 door options (more information available on request). The ironmongery supplied on these screens comprises of 3D adjustable hinges, Mila Prolinea handles, Coburn façade track & rollers. The master door leaf is locked by a Lockmaster 3 point locking mechanism and has a Euro-cylinder fitted as standard. The slave doors are locked by a Lockmaster double shoot bolt in the head & cill and are operated by the same slave handle.

Screens are fully assembled and glazed when delivered unless otherwise agreed (see Large Windows / Screens).

  1. Patio Doors
    Patio Doors are produced with the outer leaf fixed and the inner leaf sliding. They are available as left and right hand slide (viewed externally). During operation the sliding leaf lifts and slides on our standard patio gear. The sliding door leaf can be restrained in the open position by closing the door handle. Handle internal with finger pull external.
  2. Posts & Beams
    The Seller’s posts and/or beams are not designed to comply with any structural regulations or requirements. Structural regulations or requirements must be fully detailed, in writing, prior to the quotation being issued. Note: Compliance with structural regulations is entirely the Purchaser’s responsibility.
  3. General Maintenance
    All hinges and door bolts must be oiled every 6 months with 3in1 oil or an equivalent.

Door handles spindles, lock cylinders, hook and shoot bolts should be oiled at 6 month intervals.

All door thresholds and weep holes must be regularly inspected and kept clean.

All surfaces must be kept clean of dust and dirt.

Paintwork and finishes must be regularly checked, cleaned and maintained. South facing goods should be checked more frequently given their increased exposure to sunlight. Note: Solid colours will be more resilient than translucent colours.

Flaws and blemishes in paintwork or finishes should be repaired/touched-up immediately, our Customer Services Team will be happy to advise if required.

These Technical Specifications should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions, operation and installation guidelines and maintenance sheets that are available at or on request from our Customer Services Team.