System 2000

System 2000 Windows from AJ&D Chapelhow

system 2000 windows from ajd chapelhow
System 2000 Windows

System 2000  windows are designed so that they can be turned inside out for cleaning without taking up room space. This feature is achieved by a hinge mechanism, which allows the window to turn up to 180 degrees. The System 2000 Window has significant benefits for high-rise commercial buildings and provides a level of highly desirable convenience for low-rise housing.

A continuous weather strip, which is compressed into a rebate by the sash of the window, means that the harder the wind blows, the tighter the seal becomes adding to your comfort on cold blustery days.
Restrictors are built into the window for two reasons; firstly to prevent the sash being opened more than 100mm for day-to-day safety and secondly, when the window is fully reversed, the restrictor holds it securely to provide a safe cleaning position.

We only use the best ironmongery for our products and the System 2000 Window is no exception. This window is fitted with a Grorud reversible hinge set which includes an IPA Roller Espagnolette and Titon Handle to operate it.