Sliding Sash Timber Windows

Sliding Sash Timber Windows by AJ&D Chapelhow

wooden sliding sash windows for listed property from ajd chapelhow

Windows for that authentic period feel

Our dedication to creating beautiful Sliding Sash WIndows ensures that any house can achieve an authentic period feel with modern performance. As well as adding something special to your home, our Sliding Sash Windows provide optimum security.

Creatied using the best traditional methods, such as lead, cast iron or steel counter balanced sashes and ball bearing pulleys. We also use only the finest quality Sash cords. Our sash windows can also run on Counter Balances, which have been chosen due to their low maintenance and high working life expectancy. Fitch fasteners are used to secure the windows and these are available in silver or brass to suit your specifications. All beads are fitted in such a way that if any moisture does get behind them it can escape easily.

All of the ironmongery used in the production of our Sliding Sash Windows has been carefully selected to ensure the window maintains its traditional appearance.

As with all our windows, Sliding Sash are made with the finest quality softwood or hardwood, as you desire.

Sliding Sash Look-a-Like

Our 'Look-a-Like' Window can be opened outwards at the top or as a side swing however it looks just like a traditional Sliding Sash. For this reason these windows are ideal for adding a traditional look to any home together with maintaining the highest level of security. This window can be used as a fire escape in it's side swing form, providing the size of the opening complies with fire regulations.


As with our Top Hung Windows the 'Look-a-Like' opens with a Grorud G9100 friction hinge operated with a cockspur handle. Depending on the width of the window one or two handles are used.

You are always welcome to visit us at our workshops and showroom here in Cliburn to discuss your requirements with one of our highly qualified staff. Visit our contact page for details.

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