Patio Doors using lift and slide technology

Patio doors and windows from AJ & D Chapelhow (Cliburn) Ltd

We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers of timber Patio Doors to  work with Siegenia-Aubi to produce doors using lift and slide technology. When the handle is turned the door lifts off it’s gasket so it slides easily. When closed the hardware works efficiently to seal the whole of the locking system.

The door can be locked at any position, for example if you have small children or pets that you do not want to go outside, the door can be opened just slightly so as to let air into the room. Alternatively it can be fully opened providing a clear opening.

The cills for our patio doors are manufactured from hardwood with an aluminium tread for protection. If any moisture happened to get into the wood it would not penetrate hardwood as it would any other type of timber.

Thanks to decades of research, lift and slide technology is so sophisticated that it can allow sash weights of up to 400kg to be operated safely, effortlessly and easily.