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Accoya timber for windows and doors

Accoya timber for windows and doors

Here at AJ&D Chapelhow we use a variety of different timbers to create our windows and doors namely Oak, Sapele, Redwood and Accoya. But we do feel that Accoya is a timber which is misunderstood by many and deserves a special mention.

Accoya timber is perfect for demanding applications such as windows and doors, where it is important that tolerances are tight regardless of the weather conditions.

Naturally beautiful, Accoya can be **stained to achieve a natural look or it can be easily coated in a wide range of colour finishes. Accoya has been tried and tested in all types of weather conditions, above ground, below ground and even in water. It offers consistent quality, durability, is naturally insulating, and has great stability.

**Due to the variations in the grain of Accoya once it is treated, the finish which we get once we apply the Osmo protective oil can vary.

So if you do pick Accoya for your windows / doors and request a natural look, please be aware that the finish may be lighter / darker than that expected.
The variant is due to the treatment the Accoya receives when it is being manufactured.

Accoya wood finish
Varying finishes

How Durable is Accoya?

The Durability (Rot Resistance) is Class 1 – matching and exceeding the performance of the most durable types of wood such as Oak, Teak, and Sapele. Every batch of Accoya timber is tested after production to ensure this durability can be guaranteed. It is virtually rot-proof and has a 50 year minimum service life stated by the Timber Research and Development Association

How Stable is Accoya?

With  exceptional durability and dimensional stability Accoya requires much less maintenance than unmodified wood. Because there is virtually no swelling or shrinkage there is  significantly less distortion. Tests have shown that coatings last up to 3 times as long on Accoya as on an unmodified wood meaning paints/stains stay where they belong.

How is Accoya Modified?

Accoya is a modified timber, treated with an acetylation process – reacting the wood with acetic anhydride, which comes from acetic acid (vinegar when in its dilute form). When this reaction occurs, the ability of the wood to retain water is substantially reduced rendering the wood more dimensionally stable and extremely durable; resisting rot, defying the elements and staying strong. Because Accoya is modified all the way through, when it is cut, planed or jointed there are no exposed unprotected surfaces. This completely removes the need to apply additional chemical preservatives as is necessary with unmodified or envelope treated woods.

The Environmental Credentials of Accoya

Accoya is completely non-toxic, can be re-used and is 100% recyclable and naturally renewable. All Accoya wood is produced from well-managed sustainable sources. • All Accoya is produced from plantation grown Radiata Pine including FSC material.

In A Nutshell: Accoya Timber Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding Durability • Dimensional Stability
  • Insect Barrier • From Sustainable Sources
  • Consistent Quality Throughout • Retained Strength and Hardness
  • UV Resistant • Naturally Insulating
  • Naturally Beautiful • Non-Toxic and Recyclable
  • Perfect for Coating • Excellent Machinability.